Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boutique-y frame DIY

I love all the little shops downtown, but I don't love the prices. I got this idea from a hodge-podge of things I saw while window shopping. It turned out pretty cute considering it was the stuff I had on hand.

I took a brown paper bag and applied a rub-on on it. Then I crumbled it up into a ball a few times to make it look worn and antique-y. Next I took a lighter and lit (and quickly blew out!!) the edges. (If you ever did the whole "make an antique treasure map" in school, this is very similar!) Then I glued it onto a piece of pretty scrap paper cut to fit my frame. I used a few rhinestones to embellish. They look really orange in this pic, but they are more on the amber/brown side.

They had frames like this priced at nearly $30.00!


  1. That it so cute. I wish I could come up with things like that.

  2. Again - so so talented! I'm jealous!!


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