Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've won an award!!

Thank you, thank you to Donnetta at Life in the Fast Lane. I'm honored that you thought of me! (You should check out her blog, I am loving it!)

Per the rules, I have to list 5 reasons why my Life is Grand and pass this on to 5 friends.

Sooo, here goes:

1. Jesus. For what He has done, for what He is doing in my life. I couldn't even begin to say enough.

2. I get to be at home with my beautiful, funny, smart, and super energetic daughter. I get to take care of her and never have to miss a moment of this time in her life. I also get to devote this time to my husband, focusing on ways I can save money, and taking care of our family.

3. After 2 tours in Iraq and countless months of training away from home, my husband is finally home, safe and sound, and I get to see his face when I wake and when I go to sleep.

4. My brother is no longer thousands of miles away, he's just a half-hour away. AND, When my brother married his wife, I truly gained a sister and a best friend. Love you Lauren!

5. Our Country. Despite your political views, we should all be proud that we CAN elect an African-American as our president and band together when changes need to be made. This country has come a long way!

Now, I get to share the love!

4. Stephanie at My Loves Forever

Your turn, girls! Have fun! :)


  1. Thanks Janie! I will post my list soon :)

  2. GREAT reasons! Please tell your VERY BRAVE husband thank you for serving our country!

  3. That is a great list of why your life is grand.

    I also want to thank your husband for defending our great country, and second thank you for supporting him (I know it must be hard when he is away).

    Second, thank you for the award. It is very sweet of you to think of me.

  4. Awww thanks hun you are too sweet! :) Made my day!


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