Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last Minute Superbowl Idea

So I'm in the grocery store, shopping for a dark bread for this idea. I'm strolling the aisle and I see Fudge Rounds. Hmm.. dark..brown..FOOTBALLS.

I totally winged (wung?) it and I think if you had the the energy (it's 12:3o am., and I am exhausted. lol), your result would be much cuter, but I think they turned out pretty good on a whim.

You're going to be working with the side of the round that's not iced. So here goes:

With a small knife, cut an oval shape. I actually made mine more diamond shaped near the end of the batch.

Next, kind of mold it with your fingers to round it out.

You may find it easier to mold it with the curve of your hand, like this:

They are kind of crumbly, but very easy to manipulate into the shape you want.

I then heated up a few squares of almond bark and piped it on with the thinnest tip I had.

Well, it's late but we had a totally fun filled day (Hi Lauren!!) and I'm really excited to post what my sister and I found while thrifting today. WOW. Double WOW. We scored some great finds and have lots of projects up our sleeves.

Hope everyone has a great Superbowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for??

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  1. This is a cool idea! I always loved those Debbie cakes when I was a kid!


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