Monday, February 2, 2009

Not me Monday!

It's Not Me Monday again over at MckMama...

It was NOT me who threw a few unwashed dishes in the oven when company unexpectedly came over last week and forgot about them until I preheated the oven a day dishes are always washed and put away even without a dishwasher!

I did NOT spend every night last week stalking blogs until LordKnowsWhen while the rest of my family slept. I have housework to do and sleep to catch up on!

I did NOT stop vaccuming the kitchen rugs for a week so that crumbs could accumulate and I could replace my old stick vaccum with a better model. I did NOT do this to hint, hint my husband. That would be shameless!

I would NEVER throw away crayons found on the floor, under the kitchen table, or in my purse. I always put them back where they go.. this also applies to stray hairpins, pennies, and such other small items. We DO NOT waste and replace things around here!

It was NOT me who drove 45 miles twice last week just to see if anything new was in the Target Dollar Spot. That would be a waste of gas and a little obsessive...
..and my 2 year old does NOT say "Pretzel, momma!", when we pull up in the Target parking lot. That would mean I get her a pretzel with each Target trip so I can take my time looking without distraction. I would NEVER do that....

...and I'm most certainly NOT going again tomorrow...


  1. haha I love Target and their dollar section. In fact if they have something I really like, I even travel to 2-3 just to see if the others have anything different!!

    Have a good week.


  2. Love your NMM! I'm sooooo a blog stalker too! And we have the same background for our blogs! Good choice :)


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