Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coffee Filter Shamrocks: Done 3 Ways

Marker and Water Method:

First, draw a shamrock, or for the artistically impaired, such as myself, trace a shamrock cookie cutter on a coffee filter and cut out.
Next, have your child color it with yellow and blue markers.
Put the shamrock in a small bowl:

Put water in a small bowl or baby food jar, etc.- we used an old sprinkle jar...and have your child dip a paint brush into the water and let the fun begin!
The water drops on the yellow and blue markers will bleed on the filter, creating a green tie-dyed effect! (If your child is a bit older, it would probably be more on the green side, because they tend to color more...)
Water and Food Color Method:

In one container, put a little water and drop a few drops of yellow food coloring. Then, do the same for blue and swoosh around to mix.

You could use a paint brush, but an old medicine dropper was much more fun!

Food Color Method:

The last way to do this would be to drop the food coloring directly on the shamrock filter. This one turned out great and she definitely had the most fun doing it. It was messy fun so I shut the camera off ;)
This one was a freestyle and it's so pretty!
I set all of these to dry on paper towels.

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