Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Trip to the Library and Some Bidness...

We had so much fun! This was and still is one of my favorite things to do, so it was so touching and exciting that she enjoyed it, too. Maybe I'm weird, but I love everything about a library. The quietness, the smell, the sound of a library book being opened.. that crunchy sound is one of my all time favorite sounds ;)
Now for the 'bidness':

Ok, first of all I want to say thank you all so much for the sweetest comments I have been getting lately about my new layout. Wow. You girls are sooooo nice! Second of all, I promised myself I wouldn't even think about doing a Mr. Linky until I had at least 30 followers.. and I have 29! Yayy, I am so excited!

Which brings me to my point...Could you guys do me a favor and let me know if you would participate in the following Mr. Linkys:

1. FREE FUN- how you and your family have free or nearly free fun. (Things I have posted in the past would be the park, etc.)

2. MOMMY'S PLAYLIST- what music you are listening to, and what it means to you, how it speaks to you...that sort of thing.

3. HIGH/LOW- I really enjoyed this on my old blog, it would be the best and worst part of your week.

4. MOMMY GETS REAL- haha.. I have been thinking about this one alot lately. I want to pick your brains. How often do you really wash your sheets, clean your windows, vaccum under the couch cushions.. you get the idea. This would be really fun and interesting! (At least to me..) This could also be secrets that you keep from others, like the time I found out my great grandmother's sacred cheesecake recipe came from a box...

Any and all of these would be posted here with a Mr. Linky for you to link to your site and we would all benefit by generating more "traffic" (I call it friends) to our blogs! I have more in mind, but this is just a start...

I'll be judging by your feedback if I should wait or go ahead and start! Thank you so much girls, you make blogging all that much more fun, and you all rock!


  1. I just made your followers hit the big 30! So I think it would be great to do a Mr. Linky, I love the Mommy Gets Real. Although, I would hate to have to admit to any of those. HA! Go check out my blog, I am doing a giveaway!
    mom to GBBB quads &
    9& 5 yr old

  2. Congrats on hitting 30 followers. YAY! Your blog is very enjoyable. I like all of those ideas, especially the music and free tings. I would participate in all of them though. :)

  3. i stinkin loooooove the library! i have the most vivid memories of going as a kid and just loving being surrounded by books! I also have this affinity for the bookstore as an adult! nothing like having a book in your hand! to read my book!

  4. We go to the library alot and love it! I was actually planning a library post soon.
    I would participate in your linky's, I love meeting new bloggers!

  5. I would most definitely participate! Who doesn't love new friends.

    Your little monkey is too cute!

  6. YAY 30 followers!!

    I would participate, but I would be SO embarrassed to admit my Mommy gets real stuff! Lord, if y'all saw under my couch cushions...


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