Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me...

Trina posted this and I'm totally game, so here goes!

25. I've never had a broken bone or stitches or anything like that. 24. I used to have an eyebrow piercing.. whhhhaaaat. lol
23. I don't want to even be in the same room as mayonaise.
22. My two favorite numbers are 75 and 90. As in % OFF! ahh yehh :).
21. When I was little and it was yard work day, I hated it. I prefered to be inside organizing. Go figure. I compulsively organized my dad's tape collection and the tupperware cabinet.
20. I was a legal assistant for 5 years WITHOUT college.. ;)
19. I first kissed my hubbie when I was 14 years old.
18. I love the smell of burning leaves, burning trash, even
17. I very rarely remember my dreams....
16. ...Except for a recurring dream I had as a kid about the dude from Beetlejuice and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I dreamed he was after me. Imagine my surprise when I found out he was arrested for doing not nice things to children. CREEEPY.
15. As a rule, my house is clean and tidy, but for the life of me, I cannot keep my vehicle clean...inside or out.
14. Two pushes and my daughter was here :)
13. I was sick EVERY DAY of my pregnancy even down to the last hour or so during labor. I mean, sickety-sick, sick.
12. I'm pretty good under stress and pressure and if I have a meltdown, it's usually waaay before the actual event takes place.
11. Anytime something or someone won't die in a movie, no matter what they try to do, it completely freaks me out. I can't breathe.
10. If a song is too sad, I won't listen to it. It goes on my mental "no-no" list. Seriously. I will leave a store if its playing and it's on 'my list'. Like the time Home by Michael Buble was playing in Hallmark? I like ran out of there. If I don't, it will be in my head for weeks and I'll be really down.
9. I can be really weird with pain. Like when I got my nose ring or my ears pierced.. I needed to be told it was all over, because I didn't know.. and I thought my tattoos hurt worse than giving birth. I know the contractions hurt, but I was still thinking, this is it?
8. I've never had steak and I. don't. want. to. I associate big hunks of red meat with cows and flies and hair. Ew. IF I have a hamburger, I want it so thin you can see through it, lol.
7. Almost every other sentence to my daughter is "I love you". My husband and I are the same way. We tell each other we love each other even if I'm just running to the store or he hops in the shower. I love it.
6. I am deathly afraid of knives and I won't use 'em. If it can't be cut with scissors or chopped or processed, etc., I'm not cooking it.
5. I am very particular with the way I organize my daughter's toys. Blocks go with blocks, dress up stuff with dress up stuff and so on.. Toys thrown in a toy box would keep me up at night. Seriously.
4. I do not like blatant copy cats. Makes me furious. I wish I could take it as flattery, but I just can't. ugh..
3. I've said this before on my old blog, but you can gauge my mood by my toes. If I'm scared, I crunch 'em. If I'm uncomfortable, they are up in the air. Man, am I weird or what, lol.
2. I am obsessed with vintage homemaking. The cocktail dresses, house dresses, dinner parties.. just the pride women had in homemaking and entertaining.. I collect vintage cookbooks and home magazines and I have vintage ads in my laundry room and sometimes I wish it were those days again and women were expected to do those things..
1. I love my name.

Hehe, now that you know all my weirdo quirks, it's your turn!

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  1. Oh how fun! About #21, I remember when you organized your mom's pantry....for fun! LOL
    #8 made me laugh out loud! So glad you played along.


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