Saturday, January 24, 2009

Search & Win

I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about It is super easy. Use it instead of your normal search engine, such as, or, and earn points to get prizes.

Say you are searching online for recipes. Instead of "google-ing" 'recipes', simply search through, and earn points! That's ALL there is to it! No strings, nothing annoying, no spam, etc.
I use it exclusively and sometimes earn one or up to five points PER search. I have only been using it for a little over a month and if I wanted to cash in right now, here are just some of the things I could get:

- $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
- $15 i-Tunes Gift Card
- A variety of concert merchandise, Play Station 2 memory card, controllers, and games, tons of DVDS, Target, Macy's, and gift cards.. I could keep going!

(I am saving my points for a Wii Fit..hehe..)

Oh, and so I don't forget it about using it, I changed my homepage to You will love it!

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