Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

With there being a weekend behind us, it's only natural there would be beau coups of things my monkey has said that leave my husband and I speechless.

With each passing day she's only picking up speed in the speech department and it just goes to show she really does absorb more than we think by watching mommy and daddy.

Saturday went a little something like this:

Daddy: "Monkey, you need to clean up your toys before we go bye-bye. Put all your toys back in the basket."

Ella Beth (a/k/a "Monkey") just sits there for a minute and studies the mess and studies her daddy...

Daddy: "Monkey, put you toys in the basket."

Ella Beth: "It's not a basket Daddy, it's a TUB!"


Yesterday we were eating dinner at Mi-Mi's and I ask her if it was hot. She looks me straight in the eye and says, "No mommy, it's warm."


Oh, and let's not forget the stray kitty I forgot to tell you about last week. This kitten comes up and is perusing my vehicle. Ella Beth starts yelling at the poor thing, saying, "No, no, kitty- that's mommy's car and it's naaaasssty!".. gives a whole new spin to "Wash Me" on the back of a window! :)

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  1. hehehehe! kids really do, say the darndest things.

    This would make a wonderful story at our site!


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