Monday, January 12, 2009

Watch those Christmas Markdowns!

I found these Christmas wreaths marked down like 80% at T.J. Maxx. Not bad for a buck a piece. Upon closer inspection and with a spark of creativity I thought, "hey, these would be perfect for Valentine's Day!"

So, I took these bad boys home and removed all the snowflakes. I'm thinkin' a little ribbon, a little sumphin, sumphin. We'll see... I'll be sure and post what I come up with.. Sure beats the Valentine's Day wreaths I'd been eyeballing at Michaels for $30.00!


  1. HELLO! :) Oh where, oh where have you been?! Seriously, all of us blogger buddies were kinda freaked out, afraid you dropped off the face of the earth! Glad to hear that your back! Love the wreath idea too! :)

  2. Girl I was just thinking about you this weekend! I tried to go to what I thought was your blog, but it was not there. Glad I found you again :)

    Cute wreaths and yes, perfect for V'day!


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