Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thrifty Valentine Decor.. yet again!

This is so easy, I can't believe it! I picked up some dollar store candles, red gems (Wal-Mart), scrapbook paper and glitter 'foamie' stickers at Michaels. There really isn't a great Valentine paper selection to choose from, so I went for matching my kitchen decor, which is damask. Also, I found the tray at Goodwill, originally a light oak color with some circa 1989 ducks on it and PROMPTLY spray painted it black... hehe...

Check out the cost:
Gems: $2.50
Candles: $3.00 (all)
Tray: 50 cents
Scrap Paper: 30 cents
Stickers: $1.00

I cut strips of paper and wrapped them around (think paper chain activity from back in school) and taped them with double-sided tape. You could even use regular tape or hot glue it down. Next I positioned my stickers, put the candles on the tray and poured the gems on the tray...I used the whole bag.

This is so easy and festive! Come on, February, Mommy's ready!


  1. I love all of your Valentines decor! I decorate for Vday and have been looking for some easy ideas. I think I may try this with some candles this weekend!

  2. Great Idea...thanks for sharing!!

  3. I missed this post the first time around, not sure how that happened. So cute!


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